Talent Referral Program

Get $3,000

for every person you refer and is hired!


Send your referrals including their LinkedIn profile and email address to referrals@prediktive.com

That’s it!

We will process your referral and keep you updated!

Terms & Conditions

  • In case a referred candidate successfully completes Prediktive’s process and is hired, the referrer will be entitled to receive a Referral Bonus of $3,000 (three thousand US dollars).
  • The Referral Bonus will only be applicable after the referred person successfully completes 90 days of work, and remains actively involved when the bonus is due.
  • In case a candidate is referred by more than one person, the Referral Bonus will be awarded to the person who made the referral first, based on the date and time when the referral email was received by Prediktive.
  • The Referral Bonus will be paid electronically to an account of which the referrer is owner. Any fees associated with receiving the electronic transfer will be responsibility of the referrer.
  • If a referred candidate is already in Prediktive’s database and has been in touch with Prediktive during the 12 months prior to being referred, they will not be considered as a referred candidate. The referrer will be notified of these cases via email when presenting the candidate.
  • Candidate referrals expire after 12 months from the presentation date. Referrer is no longer entitled to a Referral Bonus if referred candidate is hired after their presentation expiration date.

Questions? Please send an email to referrals@prediktive.com