Prediktive is a company that hires talented individuals with technology expertise and provides them with rewarding work opportunities. At the same time, Prediktive helps growing companies build technology teams by leveraging its expertise and Talent Network.

The process consists of an HR Interview, a Technical Interview and a few online tests. The companies you would be presented to as candidate may have additional screening sessions before deciding to work with you.

We work with Software Engineers, QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Designers, Security Specialists and many other roles.

You should be able to work in an English speaking work environment.
  • Work life balance: 100% remote positions
  • Compensation: in US Dollars, on time and consistently.
  • International Team: Working with geo-distributed teams and client’s along the globe.
  • Paid time off: Per full year worked you get 10 days of paid time off + 5 paid sick days.

We replace the benefits that a traditional employer would give to you and instead give the extra income back to you to make your own decisions based on your own needs. We believe in giving you all your money upfront and letting you choose the benefits that work for you.

You are expected to take care of your own education. We do encourage you to do it, as the more skilled you are, the greater the work opportunities and fees you will have access to. We may sponsor certain certifications relevant to your work.

It may happen that a client from Prediktive no longer wants to, needs to, or can work with a particular person and thus requests to terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated due to poor performance or issues of an unethical nature, it’s very unlikely we’ll work together again in the future. If the contract is terminated for another reason, you’ll be considered for other positions as a member of Prediktive’s Talent Network.

The Talent Network is Prediktive’s own network of technology talent where people’s skills and potential are showcased to hundreds of companies looking to build remote tech teams.

No! You won’t have to repeat most of the steps in the process unless that happened more than 18 months before.

We operate under a BYOD policy, so in most circumstances you would be able to work with your own computer, in compliance with our Information Security policy. In some cases, due to a customer requirement, we may provide a Prediktive-issued or a customer-issued computer for you to work with.